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CollectiveIRC is run professionally by highly experienced staff with most of the senior staff having more than 10 years of administrative experience! Many other networks can not claim such experience, even collectively. Our EB has more than 30 years of collective experience to draw from. With a diverse array of networks and policies to draw from! All staff members are "hired" with verifiable skills or trained on an individual bases prior to assignment and all experience is verified or discounted.

We also have our own coding team to fix bugs and add new features prior to being submitted to our software's base maintainers so fixes are applied to our software before it's even submitted to external sources for review.

We pride ourselves with our open environment with liberal rules as well as our democratic system that even prevents senior staff from taking singular control over the network. All aspects of control such as DNS, Services, Websites .. etc are divided between the senior admins in a manner that prevents anyone of them from hi-jacking the network. This provides a stable environment and drastically reduces political drama as seen on most other networks.

All major issues are voted on by an Executive Board and opinions are accepted by all IRCops and server admins. This allows all staff to at least voice their opinion on all matters. Even our user base is welcome to voice their opinion on their concerns and all sane/logical suggestions are reviewed and/or voted upon as if they were suggested by the staff making CollectiveIRC a user friendly and user oriented chat environment.

We also offer user and channel modes not seen on most other networks. Such as chanmode +z. +z makes channel settings persistent. What that means is that registered channels do not need to have a bot "hold the channel open" to retain the topic and mode settings as it is with traditional networks. While we do offer CServe as a Channel Management Bot, it's presence on channel is optional and turned off by default. Even when there are 0 users in any registered channel, the ban list, modes and topic stay intact.

We also offer longevity based rewards not found on most networks such as:

  • vHosts
  • Channel specific website
  • Channel Specific forum with the channel founder having access to moderate and assign their own moderators!
  • Non-expiring user accounts and/or channel
  • Configurable in channel SpamServ (TheJudge)
  • Custom SWHOIS lines

Need professional chat channel hosting for your website? Please drop by #Help.

+ RIP Gary Gygax We will miss you. (1938-2008)
"I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his
knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else."
- Allen Rausch. Gary Gygax Interview. GameSpy. Retrieved on 2005-01-03.