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Staff Rules:

  1. Under no circumstances is any Core Staff Member to act unprofessional.
  2. Restraint before action!
  3. NetReps are in charge of their network, not you! This applies to EVERYONE from Network Operations Manager all the way down to the newest helper!
  4. We are here to prevent chaos, not cause it.
  5. No Core Staff member is to at anytime banwalk around any channel ban for any reason other than when OFFICIAL network duties require it!
  6. Only linked servers or servers interested in linking may have a channel named the same as their network without Admin approval. eg: #DALnet is a prohibited channel name unless DALnet is linked or interested in linking to CIRC.
  7. If your server/network allows user mode +W, any action as a result of a /whois notice is strictly forbidden. That includes "what do you want" notices and other such auto replies.
  8. All IRCops, regardless of network or position are to keep IRCop privileges seperate from Channel Operator privileges. This means that if a user deserves a ban, they get a ban, not glined. Glines, shuns, kills etc are to be used for user violating Network Policies, not channel rules!
  9. All IRCops must join #oper frequently. Allowances can be made if an IRCop is going to be absent for any length of time but notification is required before hand.