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These rules apply to ALL servers, and all servers are to enforce these rules!

  2. Use common sense.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO warez!
  4. No flooding, drones or excessive clones.
  5. Do not annoy, do not be easily annoyed.
  6. Do not beg for an O:Line, some of our opers can't spell and often confuse 'O' for 'G'.
  7. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated!
  8. Opers are users too. (Read: Opers don't have the right to abuse non-opers, but that doesn't mean non-opers can abuse opers.)
  9. Events that happen in one channel and spread to other channels are considered network offenses.
  10. Ban evasion of any kind can result in a network ban.
  11. Repeated Channel Rules violation may be counted as abuse.
  12. We do not offer support for any software other than our own software. Except if said software developers/supporters create a support channel on our network.
  13. Spamming of other chat networks, websites, or other harassing material is strictly prohibited.
  14. Attempting to setup a botnet on our network...well, I shouldn't even have to qualify this one.
  15. Impersonating staff whether by using a similar nickname, similar host, or by idling in a channel that appears to be "official" will result in an immediate and permanent gline.
  16. Threatening any sort of oper action (gline, shun, etc) when you are not an oper can result in an immediate gline.
  17. Do not harass users in any way.
  18. Racial or derogatory comments, jokes, or links to such materials will result in an immediate and permanent gline from the network.
  19. Nicknames that are racial, derogatory, or meant to be deliberately offensive will result in an immediate gline from the network.

If you have been directed to this page due to a ban from CIRC, please go to Rules:Banning for more information.