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What makes us different than 4000 other IRC networks. Two things really, our attitude about how we treat our users and technical distinctiveness.


While any other network can claim to be "all about the users". We prove it on a daily basis both socially and technologically. Our staff's professional experience measures in decades, not months or years. All of the senior staff have a "been there, done that" T-Shirt! ;P Our staff have verifiable experience on numerous other networks employing a vast array of experience from all facets of the IRC spectrum and many have admined on Big 4 networks that house tens or thousands of users. A feat 99.9% of other networks can not claim. Most networks can never claim to have such a staff even after they exist for years.

Our infrastructure is unique in a manner that all power and privilege is divided in a manner that it is impossible for any senior admin to simply split the network and take users and run. This creates a rock solid scenario that prevents infamous splits that are to this day still being done on large networks.

Our Help Channels are not only staffed by our regular users, but also by our senior staff that have contributed to the very existence of CollectiveIRC both financially and in the donation of time and knowledge. This insures that our users get accurate and polite, professional help at all times. Our zero-tolerance policies regarding helpers being rude towards users prevents hostile helpers from remaining helpers for long.

more to come.


more to come.